The MattBobRoss Top 10 Power Ranger suits!

I like Power Rangers. It’s not the best written show ever, it’s mostly poorly acted and the jump to Japanese footage is as smooth as a brick wall. But there’s a tiny spark inside me that loves watching it. The childish glee of colourful superheros with giant robots and morphers is unstoppable. Power Rangers was the obsession before Doctor Who came along. I’ve watched most series and know a fair whack about it. Seeing as the franchise reboot film is out now it’s about time I talked about it on this blog. Here’s my Top 10 Power Ranger suits. No reflection on the series or actors, just the costumes!

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Yellow Mighty Morphin! Yes the original series had to get a look in. It’s the suit everyone knows and it’s historical. Though the giant diamonds and white trim is present on each of the 5 main suits, there’s just something about the Yellow Ranger’s helmet that makes it stand out for me. The rectangular visor, the subtle hint of Sabre Tooth Tiger teeth. It’s a really bold and clear look.

Screenshot 2017-03-25 at 16.35.40

Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger! Purple is such a cool colour for a Ranger’s suit. It’s a wonder it took till Season 16 to introduce one. The helmet looks great and it’s obvious as a Wolf Spirit Ranger. The chunky black and purple mix is a great addition amongst the block coloured suits Jungle Fury usually has…

Screenshot 2017-03-25 at 16.36.19

Ninja Storm Navy Thunder. It was tough trying to decide which Thunder Ranger got onto this list because the two are nearly identical. But as it’s my list Navy will always trump Crimson. The golden detailing around gives the suit an extra dimension, and the pronged helmet and chest insignia looks great as a Ranger Symbol.


White Aquitar/Alien Ranger. There’s something so clean about the Alien Ranger’s suits. Not much too them, very aesthetically pleasing, nice and simple. Amongst the clutter of the some suits and the big bold colours of Mighty Morphin (Alien Rangers took over from MMPR after three seasons) the White Alien Ranger looks fab.


White Mighty Morphin. You probably expected the Green Mighty Morphin to appear on this list, sadly not. After rewatching the series the suit doesn’t do much for me. The green looks cool and all, but the golden shield looks rubbish. Jump forward a series and Tommy gets himself a golden trimmed suit with a shoulder shield that actually looks good. It looks solid and the inclusion of his Power Coin on the chest makes this suit a stand out. His enchanted sword Saba is also pretty damn cool.

Red Dino Thunder as Triassic Ranger. Power boost morphs always add extra features to the basic suits. Red Dino started with a cool design and made it awesome. Gold trim is a common feature on this blog and Triassic runs away with it. Another golden shoulder shield but somewhat more subdued, the Dino insignia on the chest works very well, the helmet is given more tweaks and the whole ensemble is one any kid would want several toys of.


SPD Shadow Ranger. I like the SPD suits in general. They work very well as the police outfits they’re intended to be. I remember being a child watching Doggie Cruger get his morpher, it blew my tiny little mind. A big bold 100 on his chest, pointed dog ears and armoured guards all over the place. This is one suit everyone can love.


Lost Galaxy’s Magna Defender. If you’re gonna be a Superhero you’re gonna go all out. Big and bulky with a cape and horns. It was something so different and so unique in it’s time for Power Rangers it’s gotta go on this list. The power that suit holds is clear. And it’s golden trim so that’s my thing apparently.

Screenshot 2017-03-25 at 16.38.50

White Dragon Dino Thunder. I’m not sure dragons are usually considered as dinosaurs but here it is for a second time in the show’s history. And it looks so freaking cool! A deep red visor, black spines along the legs and arms, a pointed helmet, a solid shoulder shield. It’s everything cool about a Power Ranger suit with gold trim.


Mystic Force Solaris Knight. I don’t like Mystic Force. The series was weak and I don’t think capes work for the base 5 Rangers. But then the Solaris Knight turned up. And it blew me away. Just look at this suit, full of gold and blue it’s like this suit was drawn by my 8 year old self.

What are your favourite Power Ranger suits? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @MattBobRoss.


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