Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer 2 ‘frame-by-frame’ Analysis

Series 10 airs soon. Peter Capaldi’s final series as Doctor Who, Steven Moffat’s last series as showrunner, and hope for many fans that the show might have colour back in it’s cheeks. Let’s have a look… TRAILER LINK


BBC. Yes they’re still around. We haven’t been sold to Channel 4 yet.


Pearl Mackie asBill. The newest companion to enter The Doctor’s life!


Extreme zoom in on Pearl’s face as she looks to her right. Insert joke about current politics here.


“The first time you meet him, he’s funny. The second time, he’s amazing! The third time… You realise he’s the most dangerous man in the universe.”


A lamp explodes. Probably in awe of Peter Capaldi’s hair this series.


Nardole, The Doctor, and Bill waltz down a library corridor. In the TARDIS? Who knows?


I can’t explain how good that looks. Look at his damn hair. My god. Doctor Who through and through.


Some books explode on the shelves. He never does well in libraries does he old Doc?


Bill flinches as some debris flies past her.


Nardole winces as more debris flies past him. I wonder if they’ll hit his phone and unblock me on Twitter… Yes I am blocked by Matt Lucas on Twitter. Can’t think why *sly smile*


“He says he’s a man of peace, but he walks in war” War is lovely this time of year I hear, it’s just past Birmingham on the M6 I think.


The Doctor reaches into his … holster? Or just his side pocket. Obviously making the parallel to swords.


“I’m having the time of my life” Bill looks adoringly as the chaos around her. Some people just want to watch the world burn.


The Doctor pulls out his sonic. Blue light this time, full blue too not that spinny chase TARDIS-esc blue we saw in Husbands of River Song.


Another bulb explodes. I hope they’ve got good insurance.


Running down the corridor. They’ve got the old patterns back then.


Nardole’s head explodes?


Oh no. It’s just behind him. That’ll teach me for getting my hopes up…


“And I wouldn’t miss it for the world” There it is. The swirly cloud thing we keep in the loft showing monsters we’ll meet in the near future. Hold on to your hats everyone.


Cybus Cybermen?? There’s a Cybus Cyberman in the top left! Well that’s interesting. There’s also a Time War Bronze Dalek, the New Paradigm are dead and forgotten. And one of those… Emoji Bots. I’m saying nothing. The Ice Warrior in the bottom right so we know Mark Gatiss wasn’t lying in that video. Multiple humanoid figures about the place too but they’re too swirly for me to make them out.


“Even if it kills me” Ooh how ominous! The swirly villain cloud beckons out to the TARDIS team.


There’s your new Ice Warrior we’ve heard so much about. We’ll have to see what difference it makes in Series 10.


*begins singing Heroes by David Bowie*


Doctor Who returns to our screens on Saturday 15th April.


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