Sherlock Series 4 Trailer 2 Analysis

Benedict Cumberbatch and his BBC Sherlock adventures return for it’s fourth series in 6 years. This is a frame-by-frame analysis of the second trailer released in December, This one!.


Sherlock and John stand in a room, leaving me with very little to make a joke about. The director has done that thing where he switches between the focus on the characters. Cumberbatch is definitely dying his hair black.


“The roads we walk have demons beneath, and yours have been waiting for a very long time”

Mycroft is doing the narration here. He’s also standing in front of a house burning to the ground. That’s gotta be the Holmes house right? And what demons can Sherlock have? Or maybe he’s talking about the excellent Jon Pertwee Doctor Who story The Dæmons…


A very close shot of Sherlock. I can hear Tumblr’s reaction already. The wrinkles are starting to set in too Cumberbatch.


Sherlock lies on a table in some sort of small room. A few chairs about and a gas lamp on the left? I don’t think he’ll be invited back to the Lord Sugar’s boardroom.


“You know why I’m here” “I’d like to hear you say it”

Toby Jones! I think Toby Jones is a brilliant actor and will likely be the best part of this series. No snide joke here, just admiration for a great actor. Feel free to debate who he might be playing, I don’t know the original canon well enough to make a decent guess. Anything’s gotta be better than the shrieking baboon we had with Moriarty.


A damp Sherlock looks slightly downwards. He’s either been for a swim or that bucket I left over the door of his house finally fell.


Toby Jones approaches Sherlock, John and Molly. First appearance of the coat in this trailer too. The limo and the Ambulance (good band name there) confuse this a little… Maybe Sherlock is coming out of the ambulance and Toby Jones wants him to get into the limo?


“What is this? We can’t do this! Is this supposed to be a game‽”

Mycroft gives a lecture to Sherlock after he suggests a script idea as shit as anything in Series 3. Mycroft has also got his top button undone! How most uncouth.


It’s either John or Lestrade pushing Sherlock against a morgue freezer here. It’s moving too quickly to tell, I’m putting my bets on Lestrade.


A screen transition vaguely reminiscent of what everyone over the age of 30 thinks hacking looks like leads into…


IT’S NOT A GAME ANYMORE, but did anyone tell Moffat? Or you know, whoever at the BBC keeps enabling him.


Hacking fade out.


“I thought this was some kind of… Trick”


“It’s not a trick, it’s a plan”

Smug git. He needs a shave too.


Sherlock visits a Sea Life Centre. There’s a Cumberbatch ‘shark face’ joke going if anyone wants to take it.


Lestrade turns up looking gormless. Describing most of Series 3 actually…


Now we get into a rapid cut montage of generic action movie type things. Sherlock with a gun in a dark corridor.


A plane flies over the countryside.


Molly does her best attempt at the sad face emoji.


Sherlock hands John a gun. With any luck it’s to shoot him with. There’s also another bloke stood there, doing not much. I don’t recognise him either.


Sherlock looks at something! Excitement!


Mrs Hudson sits in John’s chair in 221B, looking slightly disturbed. Maybe John left his laptop open.


Mary and John have a domestic. Will we finally find out Mary’s past? What is that costume she’s wearing? What happened to their baby? Does anyone expect Moffat to have decent answers to any of this?


Sherlock with a gun (again). That’s Mycroft in the background blurry so not much we can work out. Sherlock holds his head in his hands, fair play mate I did that for most of The Abominable Bride.


John is stuck down a well. Remember the damp Sherlock from earlier? Maybe he could climb out but John being a hobbit couldn’t reach the rope.


“What’s the very worst thing you can do… To your very best friends? Tell them your darkest secret”

Do people really have ‘darkest secrets’ or am I just a really boring person? Probably the latter.


“I love you.”

*MattBobRoss has smacked his head on his desk so hard his brain broke. Normal service will be resumed later*


That’s it? No broadcast date? Nothing? We’re less than a month away and the trailer just gives us a logo? Am I expected to be so deep in this fandom I have the air date tattooed on my forehead?

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