10 bloomin’ years!


Matthew in 2005 wasn’t watching Doctor Who. I don’t even remember it was on, but then I was 7 years old so I don’t remember much. Most people have an earliest memory of watching Doctor Who. If they were around in the 60s it’s either Hartnell in An Unearthly Child or the first Dalek. In the 70s it’s probably Davros or Leela’s leather. The 80s might have seen Colin Baker’s grumpy face first and of course the 90s would have been a video tape.

For those of us who had their childhood in the early 2000s you’d imagine everyone was watching Christopher Eccleston triumphantly return as Doctor Who amongst what I’ve been told was a pretty thorough advertising strategy. But not for me. I think. I don’t have an earliest memory of watching Doctor Who. My earliest memory of Doctor Who is the closing moments of the 2006 Doomsday as Catherine Tate appeared and the credits role. I distinctly remember sitting on my sofa, and as the credits rolled I turned to my parents and said “Can you see why I enjoy it?” To which my dad replied “Not as good as Jon Pertwee”. But isn’t that strange? My first memory isn’t the first time I watched the show? It’s perplexed me for years.


So, I’ve taken the initiative to declare that I must have watched at least Army of Ghosts. No further back, nope. I’m not having smegging Fear Her as my first episode. July 1st 2006 I began watching Doctor Who. And seeing as today is July 1st 2016 it’s my tenth Whoniverse birthday.

It’s been a mad 10 years hasn’t it? Someone fetch Omega and my first two incarnations.

I have to apologise to David Tennant, because he didn’t make me a fan. Yes I watched and even enjoyed Doctor Who with him, but it didn’t quite sit with me. I discovered Eccleston through DVDs and loved him, I even picked up a DVD of The Five Doctors and really enjoyed that. Then Matt Smith came along. Matt Smith was the man who kept me into Doctor Who, because I was quite a lot like Number Eleven. At the time when I should have been growing up out of this family sci-fi and getting into sports or learning or some other crap – I felt like I was Doctor Who.

I’ve spent far too many hours on TARDIS Index File Wikia, reading Doctor Who Magazine, watching and rewatching DVD special features and commentaries, listening to fan podcasts, partaking in Tweetalongs (every Thursday at 7pm *wink*), discussing the show on Reddit and Twitter, and infuriating people when I say that Peter Cushing should be canon.

This show is for some reason my life. Thank you Doctor Who. Without you I might have to get one of those proper hobbies. Lord knows I can’t play sport.

-MattBobRoss. Feel free to read more blog posts.


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