MBR Ranks: Doctor Who at Christmas!

Christmas is the time for family, food, presents, commercialism, and of course the Doctor Who special episode. For my Christmas Special I’m ranking the episodes from worst to best. I will also say that only one of these stories I consider to be outright BAD! And that story is…



The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe (2011): 


I’d actually forgotten this episode happened. Unbelievably dull, a story with no sensible plot and the acting ability of a GCSE drama class.



Last Christmas (2014):


The dreams within dreams within dreams thing was utter nonsensical smeg. Peter Capaldi and Nick Frost were a fab on screen double act, the other supporting cast are forgettable like you wouldn’t believe but if you look deep down it’s not too bad a story.



The Time of The Doctor (2013):


Coming hot off the heels from the 50th anniversary special that everybody loved, we got Matt Smith’s cobbled together half-arsed finale. I can’t say a bad word against Smith’s Doctor I utterly adore him, but there was so much more to be done with him for this one. Leaving him in one town for 2,000 years occasionally fighting a random selection of monsters that have been dumbed down? No thanks.



The End of Time (2009): 


Oh are we counting The End of Time as a Christmas Special? *checks wikia* All right fine.  Tennant’s Doctor completes his descend into total arrogant pr*ck, I’ve never liked Simm’s ‘mad for the sake of it’ madness and those Vincocci… It’s inclusion of the Timelords was done well though and there’s a decent story if you look hard enough.




The Runaway Bride (2006):


I’m never going to like Donna Noble, because I can’t stand Catherine Tate. The story was quite good though, and I love The Racnoss.



Voyage of The Dammed (2007):


A really enjoyable episode, I love this so much. Kylie makes a surprisingly good companion, the Host are a much better villain than you probably remember, some outstanding supporting cast. It’s awkwardly paced but so much fun you won’t realise.



The Snowmen (2011):


Matt Smith shines as The Doctor and this is THE best iteration of Clara. The Paternoster Gang are tolerable to the point where I may as well just enjoy them. It’s lacking in decent villain scenes but very christmassey.



The Next Doctor (2008):


Wouldn’t David Morrissey make a fantastic Doctor? The Cybermen are useless but Miss Hartigan is an outstanding villain. It’s another purely enjoyable story that manages to accomplish a decent story too.



The Christmas Invasion (2005):


Tennant’s first story is a wonderful one. It captures the spirit of what a Christmas Special should be! It’s simultaneously clever, dark, family orientated, and christmassey.



The Christmas Carol (2010):


Oh I love it so much! It feels so nice to watch an episode that compromises nothing to make a good Christmas special. It’s story (though a tad bollocks with the memory thing) is an excellent use of the time travel mechanic, Michael Gambon and Katherine Jenkins are outstanding. This is one of those Doctor Who episodes I use to cheer myself up.


Special Mention:

Attack of The Graske (2005)


Every 7 year old loves this. This is one of the greatest 20 minutes you will ever spend of your life. Why am I saying this? You all remember this, go play it now http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/sjSBglRVdmy7jDSylGpKN4/attack-of-the-graske



K-9 And Company (1981):





The Feast of Steven (1965):

Merry Christmas

And incidentally, a merry Christmas to all of you at home!


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