Peeple The App – Such a stupid idea

In today’s edition of ‘Matthew doesn’t understand society’ I am discussing a new app being launched in November called Peeple. Over the past day or so the internet has discovered this little app launch and pestered the developers. The website has since crashed so I’m going off the various interviews they have given to the news sites. Mostly this one: LINK!

This app allows for people to rate others in a 5 star system, leaving comments as you go. Mainstream media has an obligation to give the full picture and respect the developers, this blog on the other hand can be biased as I want. So now I want to go on record as saying this is a stupid idea.

There’s an episode of Community (a show I adore) where they launch an app like this in a college, and within a few days the whole campus is reduced to a dystopian society run by those who achieve the fabled ‘5 star’ rating. And yes whilst that episode is heightened for comedic effect, it still shows the effect a ratings system can have on people.


The developers keep quoting the line “This won’t be abused by bullys” which is nonsense. Social media has always and will always be exploited by worthless trolls who find some perverse pleasure in tearing apart people’s self-esteem. It’s got to the point now that schools are advised to include ‘Cyber Bullying’ in their PSHE curriculum. Now giving those people the opportunity to give people public ratings out of 5? Which moronic person thinks that’s a good idea.

Think about your self-esteem. It’s fragile. There’s not a single person on the planet who can’t be damaged emotionally by other people’s negative comments. There have been countless people who were driven past the point of no return and taken their own life because of bullying, and now this app seeks to add to the unstoppable force.

Next up; how this app is stupidly exploitable:

  • Other people can create an account without asking you. Which means if someone knows your name and phone number (they say it has to be yours but it’s simple to trick) they can link any comments the internet has to offer with your name
  • Any comments with 3 star or above rating instantly goes live. So if you want to ruin someone’s life with some information that shouldn’t be shared (e.g. address) make sure it’s with a 5 star review!
  • It’s run by two people. There may be some behind the scenes people we haven’t met yet, but it’s an independent company. They haven’t got a hope in hell of coping with all the guff about to head their way.
  • The inclusion of your phone number. Now all the negative crap people anonymous people say about you is sent straight to your phone! And you can’t opt out! In all seriousness this will send people over the edge.
  • Gossip can now ruin people’s lives. The idea behind this stems from understanding people you don’t better. Employers are told to use this when hiring someone. So if someone has a grudge against you good luck getting that job now sucker!
  • It has a dating element. Oh dear god.

Ratings systems do enough damage as it is. You want something of Amazon, you read the reviews. You’re about to book a hotel, you read the reviews. You find a movie you might like, you look it up on a site like RottenTomatoes. Even a solitary one star review can throw people off buying something on Amazon, now this app can completely change people’s view of you. Even if it’s bollocks.

Well done society. Well done.


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