MBR First Impressions: The Witch’s Familiar


Another off-the-cuff first review here. Spoilers and opinions lie here yada yada etc.

Not quite as good as last week, but then it was always going to be the case. Two-parters always pale in comparison to their starter gun. The pitching was all over the place for starters, from the slow (yet enjoyable) pre-titles sequence to the constant switching between The Doctor and Missy/Clara. It didn’t feel sloppy as such, more unfocused.

It was a tad predictable I do have to say. Doctor shooting the Handmines to rescue Davros was pretty much the only way that story could have continued. Davros lying about his death? Yeh he’s been saying that since 1975. Plus the Special Weapons Dalek did naff all. Why bother rebuilding the prop with shiny new yellow lamps if you’re not gonna have it blow stuff up? Skaro needs some more fire-power.

I now properly like The Twelfth Doctor. He’s doing a stellar job, now going all guns blazing with both his wit and ferocity. If we get more of this he’s on track to become the best Modern Who Doctor (Eccleston still holds that title). It’s been such a while since a Doctor could effortlessly switch between comedy fool and brooding mad man.

Julian Bleach. Julian smegging Bleach. One thing that’s always been said of Doctor/Davros confrontations is they never last very long. The scenes in this episode truly show the raw potential we can tap from these two geniuses. They are matched perfectly, the dying bohemian wonderer and the dying mad scientist. I’m not the most emotional being ever, but I very nearly shed a tear during Davros’ dying moments. Those scenes were some of the finest Doctor Who has had. Plus it’s always nice to see Davros has been down to his local Blockbusters and hired some DVDs of his classic adventures.

All in all: Slightly Disappointing. And this concludes the best Who two parter since Pandorica Opens/Big Bang. Moffat has been very careful not to ruin Classic Who, he’s respected it. Another one I’ll probably re-watch.

MBR Final Total: 7.5/10.


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