You know the sound the TARDIS makes?

There’s a quote from the Day of The Doctor, the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who, when The Moment is talking to John Hurt’s Doctor that stuck in my head:


This quote perfectly sums up the Doctor Who fanbase. I am constantly reading on reddit about how people who were facing all manner of troubles in their life turned on an episode of Doctor Who and instantly felt better. That’s what the show does for it’s fans, it gives us a glimpse into another universe where all is eventually well and our favourite adventurer is still saving people.

Quite often (but not exclusively) the biggest Doctor Who fans (whovians if you will) are not social climbers. We are the people who mostly stay in our houses watching DVDs and Netflix. The people who go to conventions to immerse ourselves in nerdyness and meet others like ourselves.

I’m not saying it’s solely Doctor Who that does this, everyone has their own repository of peace, but due to the sheer mass and plentitude of Doctor Who out there most people are bound to find a story they love completely.

The cast of Doctor Who are equally wonderful, the internet is rife of people meeting cast members at conventions, filming in Cardiff, or bumping into them in the street. These actors are some of the most charming and funny people around. Their anecdotes about what happens on set are enough to keep some fans going between series gaps. Finding out about the people who make our favourite show makes their performances just that little bit better. Even I can vouch for this one, I recently met Sylvester McCoy in a science museum, and Katy Manning at a convention, and didn’t stop smiling for about three days.

You know the sound the TARDIS makes? That wheezing, groaning. That sound brings hope, wherever it goes. To anyone who hears it Whovians, anyone however lost. Even you.


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