POP Vinyl Figures – The bane of my life.

The range of Doctor Who figures
The range of Doctor Who figures

Last month I journeyed down to the Forbidden Planet shop in London. It used to be the repository for all things nerdy, a shop full of merchandise from any and all geeky desires. Until recently…

I’ve been trying to work out why I only spent about 15 minutes looking round last time I visited. Then I realised; POP VINYL FIGURES. The majority of the store now, is smegging POP Vinyl Figures.

POP Figures have been popping up everywhere now for a couple of years. Choose a popular ‘fandom’ and there will probably be a range of vinyl figures to accompany it. This has made them marketable to anyone and everyone. Except me. I hate these things, for a number of reasons.

I don’t get the aesthetic. Why would I want a figure with a dis-comparatively large head? And the eyes, always just one solid block of colour… How utterly creepy.

No articulation. Yes I’m one of THOSE fans who likes to manoeuvre my action figures into all sorts of funny poses on my shelves. Looking across my desk I see Matt Smith climbing atop a Supreme Dalek and a Weeping Angel choking a Yeti. These POP Vinyl are just one solid lump of plastic. The only movement possible is rotating the head 360° exorcist style, and that’s crap for an action figure.

“But they’re only for display they’re not toys” Sigh. Try telling that to the children they’re marketing to.

Everything about these figures reeks of the company trying to make as much money as possible. From 99% of the figures all using the same mould to the takeovers of shops. I hate them and they’re everywhere! Word of advice to people that still buy my stuff: Not these, anything but these 🙂


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